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My name is Lili, born in Romania and lucky to live in the picturesque Pacific Northwest.

My background is in computer science but after many years in the corporate world, I took the road of self-expression by putting my love for art and creation into action.

It all started with a new camera and a desire to learn photography, stretching my artistic mindset. I started seeing the world around us through different lenses, from new perspectives. Trying to find the silver lining of our virtual lives during the pandemic in 2020, I took a mixed media workshop and rediscovered my old love for colored glass. Since then, I’m in a continuous search of new things to paint and luster them with shattered glass. There is some magic in this… when you let light in, shattered glass will glitter. And that is how GlassArtography came to be.   

I consider myself a self-taught artist, inspired by my admiration for nature and colors surrounding us. I position myself in this sweet spot: the intersection of art, imagination, new ideas and progress.

“Dream Big. Make Art. Bring Joy.”

Besides painting and photography, I like spending time with my family and our pets, walking, traveling, gardening, and reading.


I am grateful that art has allowed me to be myself and to express and share my feelings and visions with others who are also inspired by art.

I would be honored to have a piece of my art lightening your place.

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